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Interior Emergency Alert

Posted on: June 23, 2022

Stage 1: Water Watch

Stage 1--Water Watch

Effective June 23, 2022, the City’s daily water demand has exceeded 60% of current capacity. The City of Minden has declared a Stage 1 Water Watch, until otherwise notified.

Per City Code, Sec. 86-190, the goal of a Stage 1 Water Watch is to raise both awareness regarding water conditions and to encourage the public to voluntarily reduce class 1 water uses by 7%. Class 1 uses are water used for outdoor watering including lawns and washing of vehicles or other exterior items. To put this into perspective, reducing your lawn watering cycle by 5 minutes would help the city achieve this goal.

If water usage continues to increase, the water conservation could be increased to a stage 2 or 3.

Stage 2: Water Warning                                                                  Stage 3: Water Emergency
    Staggered Outdoor Watering Schedule                                            No outdoor watering
    Reduce Usage by 15% of outdoor watering

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