Energy Usage Calculator

Understand Electricity and your Energy Usage

  • Home Energy Calculator - This energy calculator will ask questions about your home and the appliances and items inside to determine areas of energy savings. There are short or very detailed answer sections depending how in-depth you wish to go.
  • Home Energy Library - The Library will provide detailed information about energy usage from everything to various rooms, appliances, new construction, and the valuable tool of an energy audit.
  • Fundamentals of Electricity - This section covers the delivery and generation of electricity along with information of electrical safety and circuits.
  • Kid's Korner - Let kids explore and learn all about electricity from the history, types of energy, safety, and energy efficiency tips. There's also a "Teacher Feature" section for educators and parents to use to teach kids about electricity.
  • Interactive Energy Home - Making our homes as energy efficient as possible keeps utility bills down and helps preserve natural resources. This interactive house is designed to help you understand where and how energy is used in the home and how to use it wisely.
  • Television Calculator - How much energy does your television use? Use the calculator to determine how much your current TV uses.
  • Appliance Calculator - Find our how much electricity your appliances average per month and an annual total and cost.
  • Lighting Calculator - Learn the price for each bulb in your house based on bulb type and hours per day.