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Family and Farm Bring Carlson Back Home

Zac Carlson was born and raised in Minden Nebraska. He grew up on a farm just outside of Minden and says that he has really enjoyed just about every part of it.

"I have always enjoyed playing sports and being around friends and family," says Carlson. "It was really nice living on the farm throughout my many years of being involved in local 4-H program and helping my dad on the farm. Ever since I was a little kid, I loved helping my dad on the farm. I graduated from Minden High School in 2003; from there, I went to college at Central Community College in Hastings for one year and then decided to go to Southeast Community College in Lincoln. Although knowing that I always desired to come back and farm, I still went to college so I could experience what it was like, and to have lots of fun as well."

"Being away for four years definitely helped me grow up. I graduated from Southeast Community College in Lincoln with a business degree. After college, I moved back to help my dad and my uncle farm. Currently now, I help my dad and uncle and farm 240 acres of my own. What I enjoy about living in Minden is being around my friends and family and the community is very nice too. Even though I like to travel and go to other places, it is still nice being back home in good ole Minden."

"I believe that the community of Minden is doing a good job of helping younger kids get involved in sporting activities such as Optimist sports. I think that it is a great town to raise a family also."

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