Recreational Activities

Jessica DogsJessica Dorn Spends Her Off Time Enjoying the Area's Recreational Opportunities

Jessica Dorn was born and raised in Minden, NE. Jessica graduated from Minden High School, went to college at the University of Nebraska at Kearney and graduated with a BS.

Dorn says, "I enjoy spending time with family & friends, trying new recipes for "dinner night" when hosting dinner for friends, and walking my dogs. I love to travel to new places and learn about their culture, and I love to take shorter annual trips to go skiing or to the Ozarks. I love Christmas…maybe it's because I was born in December or maybe it's because I love getting to see all of my family for the holidays…but there is no other time of the year like Christmas!"

"I lived away from Minden for three years, during my time at college. I moved back to Minden mostly to be around family & friends, and partially because I wanted to buy a home. When facing the decision of buying a home and asking myself, "Where do I want to be in 5 or 10 years?" the thought of Minden was first and foremost on my list. Now, here I am, the Chamber of Commerce Administrative Director."

"Our city offers a small-town feel with the amenities of a big city. If you want a great coffee house – we have that; if you want a nice steak dinner – we have that too; if you want a theatre for entertainment – we have that; if you want to find a gift that cannot be found in several other stores – we have several unique shops…and the list could go on!"

"Minden is also in a great location if you enjoy recreational activities. In the summer, I can be on the lake in less than an hour at Harlan County Reservoir. I can also be tubing down the Platte River, which is less than 10 minutes away. I also like to take my dogs running up the river or on the trails of Fort Kearny for a change of scene. And I look forward to the future hike-and-bike trail coming to Minden!"

"The support from the community is second to none in Minden. I like the friendly people and the sense of comfort and safety. Not only do you know your neighbor, but you care about your neighbor and they care about you. There are countless examples if you read the "thank you letters" in the Minden Courier of everyday heroes going above and beyond to help out a friend or neighbor."

"Minden Public School system provides a great education, where children are much more than a name and a statistic. Our teachers do a great job of preparing our students to advance. Minden is also busy planning for the future instead of relying on its "glory days" to keep the city going."

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