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Building Permit Application


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    2. Building Permit Application
      325 N. Colorado Ave. | P.O. Box 239 | Minden, NE 68959 | (308) 832-1820
    3. equal housing
    4. This application form requests key information needed for your Building Permit. Please print the information and return with two sets of building plans to the Building and Zoning Office. The City requires permit approval before construction begins in City limits or within the City’s extra-territorial jurisdiction (area within 1-mile parameter of City limits). For information or inspection, please call 308-832-1820.
    5. ------------------------------------LOT INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE ONLINE AT
    6. Lot size shall meet height and area requirements to be eligible for a permit. (Example: 66’ X 120’ or 7,920 sq. ft.)
    8. ----------------------------------------------------------------------Solar Project (Office Use Only)----------------------------------------------------------------------
    9. **Pursuant to Nebraska Revised Statute 70-2004 (2)—A customer-generator is responsible for notifying the local distribution utility if its intent to install a qualified facility at least sixty days prior to its installation and is responsible for all costs associated with the qualified facility. (LB 436 § 4)
    10. -----------------------------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL OR INDUSTRIAL ONLY-----------------------------------------------------------------
    11. --------------------------------------------------------------------------LIVING QUARTERS ONLY--------------------------------------------------------------------------
    12. sq. ft.
    13. sq. ft.
    14. sq. ft.
    15. sq. ft.
    16. sq. ft.
    17. We, the undersigned applicant, hereby apply for a Building Permit to perform the work as specified above, and agree to comply with Minden City Code, International Residential Code, and International Building Code; including construction and zoning ordinances without variation. Stamped plans by a licensed architect and/or professional engineer are necessary for building permits as required in the most recent version in the State of Nebraska Engineers and Architects Regulation Act Handbook. Refer to and view the resources and/or FAQs tabs. The City may require a survey for building permits, and it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure permit item is within property boundaries.
    18. ----------------------------------------------------------------------City Approval (Office Use Only)----------------------------------------------------------------------
    19. Building Official
    20. City Administrator
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