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Where can I look for a job in the Minden area?
There are two places where local job announcements are posted. The first location is Minden's Facebook page and the other is Announcements about positions with the City of Minden may be found by searching employment opportunities on this website.

Living in Minden

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1. Do you have a list of day care providers?
2. Where can I look for a job in the Minden area?
3. Where are the parks?
4. Where can I find out about local school information?
5. Where is the Senior Center?
6. What facilities can I rent for a gathering, meeting or event?
7. How do I reserve a park pavilion or shelter?
8. Where can I find the codes of the City of Minden?
9. What organizations are available to join in the area?
10. How do I get involved in the citywide garage sale?
11. Do you have a list of churches in the area?
12. What health care facilities are in the area?

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