Flower Regulations

Permanent containers are allowed to be filled year round. Spring season through fall season, flowers and/or decorations are not allowed unless in a permanent container.

After Easter, flowers and decorations must be removed by 1 week after Easter for summer mowing.

For Memorial Day, flowers and decorations are allowed beginning the Friday prior to Memorial Day and must be removed by the Monday following Memorial Day (a week after Memorial day) thus allowing flowers to be out for more than a week. Signs will be posted at the cemetery entrances with removal date.

Find A Grave

Lot Purchase Fees

  • Baby Space: $100
  • Single space (designated area only): $350
  • Quarter lot (two - three people): $800
  • Half lot (six people): $1,600
  • Three Quarter lot (nine people): $2,400
  • Full lot (12 people): $3,200

Grave Opening Fees

  • Adult: $450
  • Child: $350
  • Infant: $150
  • Cremation: $300
  • Weekend Additional Fee: $200

Grave Disinterment Fees

  • Adult/Child/Infant: $1,500
  • Cremation: $750

(*Disinterment means to only remove from the grave. Sate of Nebraska Disinterment Permit is required.)


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