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During the first phase of the "Shop IN Minden" campaign, the Chamber will be featuring a "Deal of the Week" on their Facebook and Twitter pages to help promote local businesses along with the City's Facebook page. More details to come!

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Minden Chamber of Commerce and City of Minden Roll Out New "Shop IN Minden" Campaign

The Minden Chamber of Commerce is organized for the purpose of advancing the economic, commercial, industrial, professional, civic, and cultural interests and general welfare of the City of Minden, Nebraska and its trade area. The Board of Directors take this mission statement very seriously. "In this day and age where consumers have so many options for their shopping needs, it's even more important that we help our small business owners fight to keep those sales in our community," says Chamber President Marcy Brandt. "It's part of our mission as a Chamber to do everything we can to help our businesses thrive and grow."

It was during a presentation about how to become a Main Street Community that Brandt, Chamber Administrator Marcia Davis, Chamber Vice President Kevin Krull, City Administrator Matthew Cederburg, and City Clerk Abbey Jordan all started to realize the importance of creating a Shop in Minden campaign. The five started meeting regularly to create a plan, which the City of Minden and Minden Chamber of Commerce will be rolling out in phases, starting in November.

"Having the support of the City has been very important," says Davis. "And they did not hesitate to come alongside the Chamber as we began to talk about this campaign. They've been a great partner."

City Administrator Matthew Cederburg says, "When local residents shop within their community, these tax dollars stay within the local economy, helping to improve our wonderful community. Our community sees a direct impact by shopping local; not only does going local create more local wealth and local jobs, it improves and supports essential City services. As sales go up, the City can provide additional support towards these vital functions."

During the first phase of the "Shop IN Minden" campaign, the Chamber of Commerce will provide all of their current members with various marketing materials such as digital logos, shopping bag stuffers, and window signs to use in their stores, on their websites and on social media. The Chamber will also be featuring a "Deal of the Week" on their Facebook and Twitter pages to help promote local businesses.

In the future they hope to create video testimonials, group advertising opportunities, "Shop IN Minden" merchandise, informational articles in the Chamber's monthly newsletter and other media outlets.

"We realize that there are things you simply can't get in Minden. However, what we want to challenge people to do is to at least stop and consider buying as much as possible here in town," comments Chamber Vice President Kevin Krull. "We want people to stop and think about how it benefits not only our local economy, but the impact it has on their friends, their neighbors, and even their own quality of life. We want people to think about the bigger picture."